FFDO Gear Proudly presents
The FFDO Belt B-49 

The B-49 is a major enhancement to the Original FFDO Belt.  We have fixed all the major beefs with the original belt and created a sleek professional gun belt suitable for just about all law enforcement personnel. 

Desantis Holster Company, the same guy’s who make our holsters, manufactures the FFDO Belt B-49. If you were hesitant to buy the original FFDO because you thought it may not be secure or professional enough.  Check this out. 
Design improvements include:
      1.  Thick main and side belt for much greater support and stability.
      2.  Professionally dyed leather that won’t leach or stain.
      3.  Adjustable side belt.  The B-49 can be adjusted from 2 to 4 o’clock on the strong-arm side.  
      4.  Heavy duty lift dot snaps on each end of the side belt allow you to completely remove the side belt and stow it with your service weapon when necessary. This feature makes the B-49 much more subtle and harder to identify as a gun belt.
      5.  The removable side belt design allows you the wear a thick and stable gun belt that easily threads through your uniform pants belt loops.  The side belt is attached after the main belt is already on the pants.
      6.  Smooth leather inner belt for a more comfortable feel.   
This is a natural progression in the manufacturing of these belts.  I have been getting so many orders that I am having a hard time keeping up with demand.  The quality of the belts that I was making in my garage just did not meet my ultimate design goal.  Desantis Holster Company has increased the quality of the original belt to what I have wanted to do for a few years now.  The B-49 is the original FFDO Belt on STERIODS.  Order your new FFDO Belt B-49 by clicking on the Belts tab.  The original belt is also available for a limited time.  Thanks for checking out FFDO GEAR and don’t forget to check out the pictures and video. 
OH BY THE WAY.  Do you want another holster for that second H&K you bought? I am now an official distributor for all Desantis products.  If there is something from the catalog that your want, email me and I’ll put it on my order list.  When I meet my minimums I’ll drop the order.  You can count on significant cost saving by ordering through FFDO Gear.  It may take a few more weeks to get it but the price will be worth the wait.  Check out the Desantis catalog and website at

Fly Safe, 
Andy Barton